Blue Striped Women's Simone Skirt

Amazing striped cotton double gauze fabricpockets deep enough for keys and lipstick, and a funky gold exposed zipper in the back.  Throw it on with a t-shirt and Converse during the day, and dress it up with an amazing top at night and wedges!  

Sizing:  Measure the part of your waist where you plan to wear the top of the skirt.  Both of my models are wearing it right at their waist, but would need to order a size up if the wanted it to rest lower on their hips.  The main measurement to check is waist -- hips aren't as important since the skirt is full (so don't freak out if your hips are a higher size than your waist -- mine is too!).  Have someone else measure the length -- trust me on this!  You will probably not be able to do this accurately yourself!


$ 50.00 $ 88.00

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